Question about smart retention

I’m a bit nervous about my new smart retention settings. My setting was ‘keep back-ups for 6 weeks’ and now I’ve set (them all, maybe not the most smart thing to do) to ‘21D:1D,12W:1W,12M:1M’. Is this syntax correct if I want to keep one for the last 21 days, 1 for the last 1w weeks and 1 one for the last 12 months? I seem to have lost quite some versions since I changed the retention. Could this be because empty versions were deleted?

Also, wat is the most stable channel for new releases, standard or beta?

With an assumed daily backup you would end up with:
1 daily backup for the last 21 days,
1 weekly backup for week 4 to 12,
and 1 monthly backup for week 13 to 52 (month 4 to 12)

This should leave you with roughly 21+8+9=38 versions (assuming uninterupted backups for a year and changes at the backup data every day). If nothing changes no new version wil be added so there could be less versions.

Edit: miscounted a bit :wink: . Corrected.

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