Provide a quick overview about the backup jobs of the last month

Duplicati1 provided a very comprehensive overview about the results of all backup jobs of the last month.

Dup2 should provide a similar view to allow an easy check what is going on in the backup area.

As an alternative, check out

It’s a third-party solution but works great. Especially valuable if you run Duplicati on multiple machines, as it provides a single view into all backups. You can also get daily email report on ALL your backups.

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And not forgetting dupReport if you’d prefer to keep the reporting in-house: Announcing dupReport - A Duplicati Email Report Summary Generator


Reporting options is what the third-party tools are built on. While they’ve both been doing enhancements, (while the Duplicati team is very busy with trying to get bug fixes out) rolling your own is available as well.

Some large IT organizations may just need enough glue to feed some existing reporting system they use. dupReport now supports Apprise, which can feed into a great number of other services (though not all…).

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