Problems with version

I installed and tried to use the latest version for backup purposes a few days ago. Installation was without any problems. Starting my backup gave me lots of problems. Backup onto my server (WebDat) was without any problems, also transferring my data but after the end of the backup process I always got an error message that lots of files were missing. I used the suggested repair function but I never wasn’t successful. I always got the message that there weren’t any stored files at my server location found. Actually I could see stored files at that server location. Trying the command line instead of the GUI gave me the same result. After a long search for the last non-beta-version of Duplicati, Ver. 1.3.4., I finally came to an good end. Using this version of Duplicati, I could backup and store my data without any problems on my server.

Hello @User_home, welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, there is no update path from Duplicati v1.x to v2.x. :frowning:

Version 2 uses a completely different format and file naming convention from version 1 which is probably why you were getting the message about not finding files on the destination server.

While version 1 still works, it is no longer supported or being developed so the 1.3.4 version you found is the last one in that update path.

I tried to use version 2.x. several times in the last few days without any backups by any former versions of Duplicati. So, only by use of this version (2.x) I got the error messages. As a last attempt to succeed I installed and used ver. 1.3.4. which works without any problems on my PC. So, getting into trouble was only caused by the beta-version 2.x. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any notes of the current state of progress of this beta-version which would indicate known problems using this beta-version. So, it seems to me that the beta-version is still not yet working.

Finally I used Duplicati without any problems! Confusing for me was that storing my backup files with WebDav on my server Duplicati shows no information about the saved files or any done backups. I always got the error message that x files were missing at the target location. Doing this backup local or by use of a network drive letter then I get correct information about my stored files. Also restoring the saved data from my server is only possible by direct use of the target URL (server source) because according to Duplicati there is no information about the saved files stored. So Duplicati works fine for me only a little bit confusing were the missing information about this point.