Problems after accidental shutdown during backup

Hi, I have a question that I believe is similar to dohraeme-san’s, at; and my intention is to get a general answer that can be included in the tutorial in the future, because it seemed to me to be a serious fault of the tutorial to omit itself on the subject. The problem: In case of accidental shutdown, as it happened in my first backup, in fact, in the first 10 minutes of it, the backup was corrupted – obvious – But after that, the interface ( GUI, in Linux Mint 20 Una, and it was a backup of almost a Terabyte, but it had only run 1 Giga, approximately ) But after the corruption, the interface stopped working, and only provided a button to repair the corrupted files ( 4, according to the system, and I even opened the partition to check that it was the same ), there is no option to simply discard the copy, there was only the option to repair, but it didn’t perform the repair, and in the end, I had to discard everything and reconfigure the backup, almost I had to reinstall from scratch! This is normal ? Because it seemed to me to be a weakness that there is not a simple option to discard the current session, since it is a “banal failure”, as we say in my branch (audits), that is, a failure that, however unlikely it may be, sooner or later later will occur, given enough time and attempts. And banal failures require previous solutions (we call them “foreseen solutions”, something made for an unavoidable unforeseen event).

The serious problem in itself, is that Duplicati did not perform the repair of the corrupted files, and was in a limbo where it did not perform any more operations. It just kept repeating a warning that there were corrupted files, but it didn’t actually fix them (does this happen in case of initial copy corruption?), and there was no simple option to discard the whole set…

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That would be the one where I was trying to get information but got nothing. Let me try on this one.

First though, if the intent is to get new features and documentation, it’s unlikely. Too few volunteers.
If you wish to volunteer on documentation, code, test, or anything else, that could be very valuable.
All progress on Duplicati depends on community volunteers. If there are none, there is no progress.

If you still want support in this user forum, then let’s continue. This definitely will need you to clarify.

Real error messages would help here. Have any? Screen shots too, especially for interface issues.

Yes, there can be a popup at the bottom of screen offering to repair, but it can be dismissed AFAIK.

And the Repair button is not all-powerful. Success depends on the exact error (which was not said).

What exactly is “the copy”? Everything? Latest increment? Note that latest is based on earlier ones.
Incremental backups are a feature. There is no new copy of everything. Reversing may not be easy.
It’s not “simply discard the copy”. Compact may complicate, and there’s also a local Database used.


If the goal is to delete the results of an interrupted backup, you can use the The DELETE command.
Version 0 is always the latest. You can see version numbers and dates on the Restore UI dropdown.

GUI Commandline is a convenient place to do this. A special GUI might be nice but it does not exist.
Delete should not be necessary for interruption anyway. It’s “supposed” to just pick up and continue.
I’ve actually just been testing interrupted backups. A repair is sometimes needed, and usually works.
My errors are typically things like the below, and running repair cleans up well. What was your error?

Found 2 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair


Found 1 remote files that are not recorded in local storage, please run repair

Sometimes in the pre-backup verification it will find a problem, and ask for repair, which “might” help.
If there’s something it can’t repair, then logs and maybe a database bug report might aid an analysis.

So 10 minutes in you saw something? What? Or did you see something later? How did you discover?

How do you distinguish that from it performing the repair and the repair not being able to resolve it?

No. Something went wrong, but information is needed. There’s lots of logging if you want to use it.

First, though, say what you did, and what Duplicati did. There’s only a vague sense of timing, e.g.:

doesn’t give specific steps. You did something, saw something (not blank, right?) but got a button.
Did you attempt a backup run and get that at its start? Did it happen partway in? At end? Where?
And what did it say? Apparently it had a 4 in it, so you made something of that and did something.