Problem with filter: Exclude file, whose names contain

I add filter with this type and value: AutoIt3.exe

But unfortenutely, I see error when I backup: Error while running Important data and settings
parsing “.AutoIt3.exe.[^]” - Unterminated [] set.

Filter as plain text is -[.AutoIt3.exe.[^]]

And I think there are 1-2 small bugs: If I go to Logs of this new task I see: Failed to connect: SQL logic error or missing database
no such table: LogData
Failed to connect: SQL logic error or missing database
no such table: RemoteOperation

I can answer just the first part with the regular expression! Your regular expressing is invalid. I don’t know if you “speak regular expression” so I strip to down to explain it as if you do not know anything about it.


The outer square braces […] are just a marker of Duplicati to mark “Inside this braces is a regular expression” and do not belong to the regular expression itself. So your regular expression is


You have

  • one character, doesn’t matter what (.)
  • followed by AutoIt3 (AutoIt3)
  • followed by any character (.)
  • followed by a range

And the range is the problem! The ^ as first letter in a range starts a negated range. So [^a-z] is each character NOT a-z! I your case the negated range is empty and that is not possible.

But also if you remove this [^] your expression is not what you want because the expression will also exclude AutoIt3_exe or XAutoIt3.exe

I think what you want is:


So you have any characters followed by a backslash (in regular expression escaped with a backslash) then your filename and the dot in the filename is also escaped with a backslash.

And in the Text-Edit or CLI of Duplicati a regular expression is enclosed in sqaure brances so you will have

-[.*\\AutoIt3\.exe] in the Text-Edit
--exclude=[.*\\AutoIt3\.exe] in the CLI

Thanks for your great answer! But I don’t know regullar expression)

This expression generated by UI, so I think it’s bug in UI.

Did the thommyX post work for you? Is so we’ll (or you can) flag it as the Solution. :slight_smile:

From where in the UI did the expression come? If you typed it into the Filters section, was it with individual fields (then what filter type did you choose) or “Edit as text”?

OK. I flag it as solution, but for me Solution is fixed bug in UI)))

Yes, this expression generated in UI. I only chosen “Exclude file, whose names contain” and wrote “AutoIt3.exe”. I didn’t write expression by text.

And why I can press Local and Remote log but receive error?))

Thank you, but before run the backup I want to test my “Search selection”, but I have a error: :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll try to replicate your scenario.

You might want to start a new topic about the specific error you are seeing when trying to view logs.

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