Problem with backup since update?

My Duplicati 2 had an update available notification 10 days ago, I click install and restarted the app and ever since then Duplicati GUI was crashing (Windows 7 x64). So today uninstalled it and re-installed from scratch but this is the error popping up no matter what I do -

Any solution? I am backupless for the last 10 days.

Regarding the error popup Could not find file ‘D:\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache’. how is Dropbox involved in this?

What version are you running now? You can find that in ServerVersion, in MENU --> About --> System info

EDIT: I might have found a regression introduced in Based on dates, maybe you got that or
Did you move this entire user profile to D:? Dropbox usually puts its folder in one, and its cache inside that. Duplicati has never liked to see excess items in its backup folder, although possibly its sensitivity increased.

Found 1 remote files that are not recorded in local storage, please run repair is what versions before your Could not find file would have done, so that error turned into a different error…

The code-level details of what I think might be a regression are maybe here due to some too-similar names:

- foreach (string s in System.IO.Directory.EnumerateFiles(m_path))
+ foreach (string s in systemIO.EnumerateFileSystemEntries(m_path))

Regardless, the call gets directories too, impacting later code such as FileEntry that didn’t find such a “file”.
This shows the introduction in, in Fixed IO calls in Filebackend. amidst much other change.
This was the same symptom reported in, but I haven’t gone back that far to test. Code appears fine.

Let me see what @verhoek thinks.

Meanwhile, could backup go into a subfolder of Dropbox, or use the Dropbox storage type instead of files? Downgrade to might also be an option, and might prove more completely when this problem began.

It looks like I couldn’t keep function names apart anymore after two weeks of refactoring IO calls :slight_smile: I guess I should change it back to a wrapped EnumerateFiles. Atm it also catches directories like dropbox cache which probably aren’t weren’t in the backup set before or cause errors for some other reasons.

EDIT: Reason is it tries to bake a directory into a file entry.

Best is to change this back to how it was before. Thanks @ts678 for calling me in.

That was what I was hinting at with “amidst much other change”. :wink: Impressive amount of refactoring. Thanks!