Problem sending email reports

Hello i have problems sending report by email
i am using office 365 and my configuration data is:
startls 587

I configured like this:


while I can’t help you specifically with office365 email, the generic way of finding out what is wrong with Duplicati email sending configuration is to use the command line, using something along the lines of:

Duplicati.CommandLine.exe send-mail --send-mail-url=smtp:// --send-mail-password=secret_password --send-mail-subject="backup result : phony"

will hopefully provide you with an explanation for the problem. Would be nice if the full detail was in the log but I have not found it (I did not look really hard though)

I’m pleased (and had forgotten) that the command line run gave the full detail (be careful about posting because some of the lines around the AUTH might be your credentials), but it’s in logs at profiling level. Unfortunately profiling logs (whether live or to file) get huge from other things, so CLI test is convenient.


ok, i will try tomorrow again. Thanks