Problem creating a new S3 compatible backup

I am running a few S3-compatible (Minio) backups now and encountered the following problem when setting up a new one:

I was creating the backup and had selected (I think) S3-compatible. I entered Access and Secret and tested the connection. It worked but (as it should) complain about the SSL (self-signed). I added the hash to accept-specified-ssl-hash and tried again. I got the error message “Failed to connect: The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.”. Now, whatever I do, I get this warning. Sometimes I can get the has complaint back, but I never get beyond that stage. This is on another machine than I am typing on now. But looking at the log, I get “The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden”. So, it seems the problem is somewhere on the backend and not Duplicati, but I am having trouble understanding this because so far it seems other than credentials and target the setup that works is identical to the one that doesn’t.

So, I thought to remove this configuration entirely and I tried to, but the configuration won’t go away. Any tips I can look into?

When you say “configuration”, do you mean the entire backup job?

And what do you mean by “won’t go away” - does the GUI do nothing, say it’s going to delete it but it doesn’t delete, or is something else happening?

Yes, the backup job did not go away. This was while another job was running in the background.

You will have to wait for the other job to finish. I believe the deletion will also be scheduled.

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