Problem copying subfolders

Hello, i can’t backup subfolders. I select de main folder and the rest are marked too. But when i try to restore i just see the files, but not the subfolders. The destiny is a webdav server
How can i insert an image?


Maybe I can help with the problem, or maybe not, but I can at least help with this!

Literally just “paste” the image into the text box when typing your comment. If you’re on Windows, and unfamiliar with it (as I was until not that long ago), “Windows key + shift + S” enables a “snipping tool” where you can click/drag a box on any part of your screen to get the image (from within the box you drew) into the clip board.


ok. Excuse me but when i pasted it then showed a text and i thought it would’nt paste the image.

The first is the selected folder and the second what i can restore. It last 10 seconds to copy. I suposse because is copying just these files.
I found another person with the same issue

Thanks a lot


maybe it’s the filters ? you can export the job as command line, open a terminal window, paste the result, edit to replace ‘backup’ by ‘test-filters’ and remove the backend string, then hit enter. It should display a list of examined files and what the program decided based on your filter inputs.

I think it works now. By default i did’nt configure filters but i have changed a parameter in the filters , first image as it was…

And now i’m trying to bakcup and is doing all the folder and subfolders

thanks, it works. we did something wrong because in another instalation the first option was hidden