Preferred Duplicati development flow

Sorry for such a noob question, but once I’ve got a change I want to submit, what’s the “correct” way to handle it? My assumption is it’s something like:

  1. Do a PR from Github
  2. Make the changes
  3. Submit the changes back to Github
  4. Somebody (kenkendk?) reviews the changes
  5. If approved then I’m done (flag any tickets as “fixed in upcoming release”) otherwise fix whatever I did wrong?

Yes, I think the best way is to do a PR. The way you normally do it is to create a branch, push it to Github (in your own account), and then from, you can choose “Create pull request” when you view that branch.

After you made the PR, you can commit more to the same branch, and this will “update” the PR automatically (actually the PR just links to the branch).