Poor Performance on GB Files

running Duplcati I encounter very poor performance with backups of especially GB-Files (like videos).
There is no system load on CPU, disk or network. (see anapshot)
I use a QNAP NAS in a local Gbps network.
the progresse bar keeps moving, but really, really slow.
I see this behaviour with different backup configs, where new files are added to an existing archive.

from user perspective the progress appears slower while using the comuter, even though the load parameters appear irrelavent, as described above.

Is there a way to tune the performance, increase the process priority or tell Duplicati that is has not to reduce its performance also of the system is not in idle?

What about the QNAP? I assume it’s mechanical drives. On these, sometimes 1 MB/s random is normal.

Why is my HDD so slow on the “4K” speed tests? is probably a harder case than yours, but yours maybe would be easier on the drives if parallel uploads were turned off via asynchronous-concurrent-upload-limit being reduced from 4 to 1. That might allow writes to be more sequential. Is anything else loading QNAP?

What protocols does QNAP support, what are you using, and which others have you tried to see if faster?

There are lots of tests to try. One fairly simple one is to see if Duplicati is creating 50 MB remote volumes (assuming you are at default size) faster than it can upload them. For a typical install, PowerShell like this:

ls $env:LOCALAPPDATA\Temp\dup-* | sort -Property LastWriteTime

There are also some tools to explore destination behavior, but if you already have a favorite, start with that.