Poll backend until it comes online

For me, it would be helpful if duplicati could poll the backend either continuously, or starting at a scheduled time. When the backend comes online backup starts.

This would be most helpful for me during level-0 backup as the backend is far away on the internet and I don’t control when it is powered on. A pillar would allow the level-0 backup to continue whenever the remote backend is online. Similarly inflcrememtal backups would start when the backend comes online, perhaps with an optional configurable pause after a successful
Poll before starting the backup, to allow the remote system to settle down.

I could do this with bash scripts etc, but it would be platform independent of it were a feature of duplicati.



Yep - this has been discussed a number of times. Usually it’s either your scenario (no control over offsite destination availability) or “do backup when USB drive connection like CrashPlan did”.

So far the proposed (by me) option I like the best is basically:

  • at scheduled run time if job has not COMPLETED within the previous X hours and destination is not available, then re-schedule job for Y minutes later UNLESS that puts it past next normal scheduled run time

However, implementing such a thing is beyond me at the moment. Perhaps a GitHub post with a bounty request might make it happen sooner…

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