Please repair message still appears after repair

My backup to a local HDD gives this error:
Found 2 remote files that are not recorded in local storage, please run repair

When I run to database->repair and then run the backup again, the message appears again.

What is going wrong here?

After database->repair, the log reports:

MainOperation: Repair
RecreateDatabaseResults: null
ParsedResult: Error
EndTime: 4/30/2018 3:10:26 AM (1525050626)
BeginTime: 4/30/2018 3:10:06 AM (1525050606)
Duration: 00:00:20.9048530
Messages: [
    removing file listed as Temporary:
Warnings: []
Errors: [
    Failed to accept new index file:, message: Volume has local state Deleting => Volume has local state Deleting
    RemoteCalls: 4
    BytesUploaded: 0
    BytesDownloaded: 290663
    FilesUploaded: 0
    FilesDownloaded: 1
    FilesDeleted: 2
    FoldersCreated: 0
    RetryAttempts: 0
    UnknownFileSize: 0
    UnknownFileCount: 0
    KnownFileCount: 3018
    KnownFileSize: 316615998770
    LastBackupDate: 1/1/0001 1:00:00 AM (-62135596800)
    BackupListCount: 0
    TotalQuotaSpace: 492122095616
    FreeQuotaSpace: 150403215360
    AssignedQuotaSpace: -1
    ReportedQuotaError: False
    ReportedQuotaWarning: False
    ParsedResult: Success

If you click on the “Found 2 remote files…” error message do you get details listing which two files it found?

It’s possible the files aren’t Duplicati files at all which might be why the database repair didn’t resolve the issue…