Path problem with Google Drive

I use the current Duplicati version on a current Win10 Pro.
I use Google Backup & Sync as syncing tool for my “Documents” folder which syncs with Google’s “MyDrive”.
When I create the backup job (for other folders) to Google Drive using the Duplicati GUI, I have (afaics) exactly two choices with regard to the target: Target is Google Drive and I call the path “Duplicati”.
After that, Duplicati creates the “Duplicati” folder on Google Drive, however, it does so in “MyDrive”. What then happens next - after the backup job starting - is that the slowly filling Duplicati folder gets synced back to my local “Documents” folder (which is of course nonsensical), which ends with me having the backup twice - once where it belongs on Google Drive and once completely useless on my local disk.
This of course repeats every time I let the job run.
Has anyone made similar experiences and/or knows a way out?
Thanks for any help in advance!

You should be able to tell the Google sync app to ignore that folder.

You’re right, I am and I did, which solved the problem.
I just hadn’t discovered that option yet.
Thanks for the help!