Password issue on raspi-pi

Hi, installed Duplicati on raspi-pi.

Over ssh-X11-Fowarding I set a Password to login. Presumably because of the slow reaction of the raspi, it didn’t safe the pass the way I was thinking of…I am not able to log in.

Tried to remove --purge all pakets, new installation, everytime it asked for the pw which I don’t know.

I don’t want another instance running on port e.g. 8300.

Is there any possibility via ssh to reset the pw or change it?

If you stop the server and start it with the --webservice-password argument you can change the password.

so something like this

# sudo systemctl stop duplicati.service
edit /etc/default/duplicati:
# sudo systemctl start duplicati.service

You can remove the DAEMON_OPTS after Duplicati started and you successfully logged in (since having a password in that file isn’t super secure).

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Many thanks it worked!!!