Over-touching backup files

Duplicati seems to be over-touching the files in one of my backups

When I run a daily backup that’s about six weeks old, for the past week or so I have been getting a large plurality of its files show up as modified by that backup. 11 of its 46 dlist files, 28 of its 7700 dindex files and 2209 of its 7700 dblock files.

Since I rsync this backup after it completes each day to another location, this is causing me quite a bit of grief.

Is there a way I can at least predict how much churn there will be in a daily backup? Or, preferably, calm it back down? At 64MB per dblock you can imagine the inflated data volumes I trying to transfer. No fun.

Interestingly the dlist files it has been touching for the past week or so include: that day’s file, and all 10 from Oct 23 through Nov 1.

My initial guess is that you’re running into version cleanup maintenance.

What sort of --keep-versions or --keep-time settings are you working with?

Just the default --keep-time=3M

The whole backup is barely a month old

Well at least now we know what it isn’t…

Do you see much activity in the Show Log -> Live -> Profiling while one of these high touch jobs is running?

I’ll have to try to catch it in the act.

Not sure what you are saying. Duplicati should just create the files, and leave them there. If it comes time to reclaim space, it will delete some volumes and upload new ones, but it will never modify existing remote files.

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yes - I have since determined that non-Duplicati causes resulted in this issue.


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