OpenSSH Server Built-in Windows 10 public keys

I have the beta SSH server up and running on windows 10. However, it only supports ed25519 encryption keys…(and is probably limited on other security measures compared to other servers)

Trying to test the server in Duplicati gives me an error for the encryption key.

It says the OPENSSH key is not recognized.

Is duplicati compatible with ed25519 keys?
Anyone have this setup working? Can we use an RSA key from somewhere else in windows openssh server?

Thank you kindly!

I’ve never tried OpenSSH on Windows or using Windows 10 public keys, so I don’t know that I can be much help other than to chck in with somebody else (ahem - @Pectojin - ahem) who might know more about the SSH side of things.

Due to the underlying library we’re using Duplicati does not support elliptical encryption :frowning:

You will need to use RSA or DSA to be compatible with Duplicati. If I remember correctly it’s pretty accepting of various bit strengths and I believe the library does support a couple other less common ciphers but I haven’t tested those. I specifically noted ed25519 not being supported, since it’s usually the go-to for non-RSA asymetrical encryption.

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