OneDrive for Business not connecting

Dear Duplicati Support,

I’m struggling to get OneDrive for Business backup working. I’ve logged in OneDrive for Business using a password (so I’m positive the password is correct). There is no 2FA configured.


The folder PersonalBackup exists. Any ideas?

In fact, I’ve even copied the file path from the error message, put it in the browser window, and it got me right to the folder in question.

For everyone interested - I’ve managed to fix that!

I’ve had to go to Settings in Duplicati and change the release into Canary (as the current stable release does not support the new authentication that has been applied to Office 365 customers).

After updating to the latest release (I pray it’s not going to break anything). This has added OneDrive v2 to destination lists. This supports OneDrive for Business as well.

Hello @ChrisKusy and welcome to the forum!

Breakage potential in the “canary” builds does exist, though the bug fixes often outweigh the new bugs. :wink:
Although there’s not yet a new beta, Release: (experimental) 2018-11-08 has been heading there.
Channels explains your options. Releases gives a chronological view of releases on the various channels.

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