One-file-system Option in Duplicati?


I’m fairly new to Duplicati and haven’t discovered a way to prevent the backups from following into other filesystems. For example, I have several bind mounts in a directory I want to backup that could change from time to time. I need these excluded.

In other utilities, such as tar, or rsync, they both have the --one-file-system option.

" The ‘–one-file-system’ option causes tar to modify its normal behavior in archiving the contents of directories. If a file in a directory is not on the same file system as the directory itself, then tar will not archive that file. If the file is a directory itself, tar will not archive anything beneath it; in other words, tar will not cross mount points. "

I’m hoping it’s just something I overlooked. Thanks for your help.

I don’t have much time to review your question, my first guess is that you are comparing Duplicati to utilities that are mostly working on Posix like operating systems. For better or worse, Duplicati is primarily a Windows system that happens to work on other systems, and implementations features that are native for these other systems are not coming easily. I know that rsync is working on Windows but it’s not a very popular utility here and I wonder if it works for the (rather obscure too) equivalent of bind mounts for Windows. I think that your best bet is to exclude manually these paths.

Fair enough, I will find alternative backup solutions if this feature is not available. The ability to not traverse mounts seems fairly trivial, so I’m surprised if it’s not implemented, or something that cannot be.