Odd timestamp on today's backups

This morning, as I opened my two laptops, scheduled Duplicati2 backups fired up as usual. I have set them to start at five, and usually I open up the laptops around six thirty. So when I open the Duplicati web ui, I see the jobs have finished after six thirty. Usually. This morning, though, the jobs seem to have finished a little over five. I see this only on the Windows mahcine, not on Ubuntu. I have Duplicati -, have had for weeks. The only thing that I can think of haveing affected this is that Windows10 had installed an update (KB4524147) and wanted me to reboot the Windows laptop. I waited for the backup jobs to finish before rebooting.

Here’s a little excerpt of the log listing (all of the jobs have similar timestamps):

Varmuuskopion Koti lokitiedot

Yleinen Etäpalvelimella 

10. loka 2019, klo 05.00 - Operation: Backup
9. loka 2019, klo 06.43 - Operation: Backup
8. loka 2019, klo 06.39 - Operation: Backup
7. loka 2019, klo 06.27 - Operation: Backup
6. loka 2019, klo 06.35 - Operation: Backup

After copying that, I ran one of the backups, to see if the time stamp is again off. This time it was right.

How can a pending reboot cause this?

I would guess your laptop wasn’t really asleep, so the backup ran at 5am per your schedule.

I believe it is true that Windows 10 may wake up a machine in order to install updates, but I’m not 100% certain on that. I would have expected it to reboot automatically after installing, but maybe you changed the setting in Windows Update so it notifies you before a reboot.

It definitely was not awake. For a fairly new laptop, it is surprisingly noisy, and I definitely would have noticed if it was still on.

I usually use hibernate, not sleep, but there might be a possibility that I had mis-clicked the menu and chosen sleep. In sleep state, Win10 may have awoken the laptop for some task or another, and while at it, downloaded and installed the updates too. That is a possibility.

How to Enable or Disable to Allow Wake Timers in Windows 10 says hibernate can be awoken as well.

A wake timer is a timed event that wakes the PC from sleep and hibernate states at a specific time.

TaskSchedulerView can now show you whether a scheduled task has been configured to wake the PC.

TurnedOnTimesView can show you when the PC was on, and utility above might show what woke it up.

If you like to avoid third-party software, above also shows event info, so just go to Event Viewer to look. Windows Logs --> System can show you events or an indication that PC was off at the time of interest.

Although it’s not a surefire thing that Windows Update woke it up, Applications and Services Logs --> Microsoft --> Windows --> WindowsUpdateClient --> Operational events and their times can be viewed.

Powercfg command-line options also gives a lot of settings and diagnostic tools that might be helpful to figure out what happened, however all of this seems almost certainly a case of PC on, so Duplicati ran, unless somehow Duplicati picked up a wrong timestamp. Are timestamps on destination files early too? Assuming you have a backup on an independent remote destination, that would prove that PC was on.

No, I make the backups to a local external disk. And really, I could not have left the laptop running without noticing it was on.

The idea was not that, but below. Until seen otherwise by methods given, I assume the laptop woke. There’s nothing AFAIK that stops Duplicati from doing a scheduled backup whenever PC is running.

Then you’re at the mercy of PC clock time, but you can still see if files were made early per PC clock.