OAuth Does not work on OneDrive

I have repeatedly tried to set up with OneDrive as the destination. The OAuth token is filled in, but when I test the message says “Failed to connect: No Auth-ID was provided - you can get one from Duplicati OAuth Handler”.
Please help.

Welcome to the forum @richardurban

An AuthID is not an OAuth token. It gets one through OAuth Handler, per How we get along with OAuth.

Are you following the GUI screens or trying to do a CLI on your own? What sort of test are you running?

Generally starting in GUI is easier and safer, then you can Export As Command-line for a starting point.

I am using the GUI Screens. I tried again and it worked, confirming that the connection was successful. I think the error was caused by pasting in the share link from OneDrive, instead of just typing in the foler, like [backup folder].
I referred to OAuth in my original post, but I menat AuthID.