Nothing are being backup

Hello, I have a question. About 2 weeks ago I tried out duplicati, I tried to save 50gb of data to a local fileshare, which is connected to the pc. But with no avail. As it looked like it backup-ed but there was nothing in the designated folder or anyplace else! do you maybe know what I am doing wrong?

I have also tried cloud storage to MEGA, the connection worked, a single empty folder worked but it couldn’t upload 10gb.

Any help will truly be appreciated !!!

Ps. I tried it out on Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and Ubuntu 17.10 daily builds

Could you try to post a screenshot of what your setup looks like?

sure! I will try to send it today!

Hi. I just figured out my mistake! Thanks for your help! Will keep you posted if I have any questions

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It would be nice if you could say a few words about your solution so that others might be inspired or learn from it when they run into similar problems.