Not possible to back up a specific folder c:\users\<username>\Seafile

Dear all,

I create a backup of C:\Users<username> incl. all standard sub folders of a user profile (Documents, Desktop etc.) under Windows 10 22H2. Everything works except the backup of one additional folder C:\users<username>\Seafile which I added manually in the Duplicati settings by activating the check box next to the folder. When I try to restore files/folders, all selected folders show up in the backup except this one. I do not get any error message during a backup. Any ideas?

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This seems odd. If you selected C:\Users\<username> for backup then you shouldn’t have had to check the C:\Users\<username>\Seafile folder. It would have been included automatically.

Do you have any Filters or Excludes defined in your backup job?

Hi Rod,

yes, I have a lot of filters (e.g. for files/folders within \AppData), but none for the folder \Seafile itself or any file/folder/file type within this folder.
And I exclude “System Files” + “Temporary files”.

I deactivated the filters for “System” and “Temporary”, not it works. But it does not really make sense, because \Seafile is neither incl. system files nor temporary files… It is like the Dropbox folder, a synchronization tool that syncs files between my local client and a file server.

Classification is set by the item creator. An easy way to survey is to add Attribute column to Explorer.
That can be done using right-click on the header line. If you prefer CLI, you can use the attrib command,
which can also change attributes, but don’t count on it sticking if an application wants to work differently.


Do you have a good understanding of what’s in the Seafile folder and whether it’s worth backing that up?
Google search like "seafile folder" (cache OR temporary) is finding various
comments, some saying it’s a cache, some saying it’s temporary data, some saying there’s config data.

\Seafile is the same as Dropbox, you store your files/documents/etc. and get them synced to on online resource, I use Dropbox for private files and Seafile for job files. So there would be some kind of backup due to the synchronization, but I prefer an additional “cold” backup of these files. I think the main problem is, that Seafile uses the system attribute for this folder, what e.g. Dropbox does not.

The solution is either to deactivate the filter for system files in Duplicati or to remove the system attribute from the folder \Seafile, but I suppose maybe with the next update of the Seafile client software, the attribute will be set again, so I deactivated the filter for system files in Duplicati to solve the problem.

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