Not able to restore via Direct restore from backup files

I use Duplicati -, on Mac and on Win10, with B2 backblaze as a backup destination, i’m having the same issue on both computers when trying to restore (via “Direct restore from backup files”),
although I’m able to restore via “Restore from configuration” and uploading .json file.

The error message is “Failed to connect: 401 - bad_auth_token:”, from what I google its some kind of misleading documentation, account id, key id, app id etc but to be honest i’m a big confused now what to enter there…

I assume fileds: “Storage Type”, “Bucket name” and “Folder path” are straight forward and the real issue is with “B2 Application ID” and “B2 Application Key”,

→ “B2 application Key” is the password to the backup config I set on duplicati, right ?

→ “B2 Application ID” here I have tried, Master Application Key/KeyID from B2 backblaze settings, or Bucket ID from B2 setttings,

what is strange is that when those values are entered automatically via .json file it all works (connection fine) but when entered manually (via “Direct restore from backup files”) I get that error,

please help


B2 Application ID = keyID on BackBlaze. I’d use a custom app key that grants access only to the specific bucket, but you can use the master if you wish.

B2 Application Key = applicationKey on BackBlaze. This is basically the password that BackBlaze generates automatically for the keyID. It is shown only once at the time the key is generated.

The Bucket ID shown on BackBlaze is not used by Duplicati.

Thanks, it works now, in my case the wrong thing I entered was that B2 Application Key = applicationKey

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