Noob email reporting

I’m new here and I’m currently trying to find a great little software that can backup my important data, Duplicati seams to be exactly what I need.

I setup a backup job on my Windows10 accounting computer, and would like to get an email about the backup operation. It doesn’t seem to work.

I’m requesting your help to find the minimum command line with verbose log to get an idea of my issue…

Thank you for helping me out


Hello @mberard and welcome to the forum!

The SEND-MAIL command can be used for command line testing. I’m not sure what the minimum is, but I’m sure that not everything there is required. Sometimes the command covers defaults better than docs:

C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2>Duplicati.CommandLine.exe help send-mail-level
  --send-mail-level (String): The messages to send
    You can specify one of "Success", "Warning", "Error", "Fatal". You can
    supply multiple options with a comma separator, e.g. "Success,Warning".
    The special value "All" is a shorthand for "Success,Warning,Error,Fatal"
    and will cause all backup operations to send an email.
    * values: Unknown, Success, Warning, Error, Fatal, All
    * default value: all

C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2>

I’m pretty sure you’ll need at least --send-mail-to and --send-mail-url. Your email server might also need --send-mail-username and --send-mail-password unless you have one that doesn’t need authentication.

The command should give output beginning with Whole SMTP communication, then actual email dialog.

If you want to see this happen on a backup, the same output can be seen at profiling log level either in live server log, or with –log-file and –log-file-log-level, or (for commandline operations) –console-log-level.