No token to close. path ''

Backing up to a location and at the end of the backup process we get this error:
no token to close. path ‘’

Logs show:
Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriterException: No token to close. Path ‘’.
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter.CalculateLevelsToComplete(JsonContainerType type)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter.AutoCompleteClose(JsonContainerType type)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter.WriteEndArray()
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Volumes.FilesetVolumeWriter.AddFilelistFile()
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Volumes.FilesetVolumeWriter.Close()
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Volumes.FilesetVolumeWriter.Dispose()
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler.d__20.MoveNext()
— End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown —
at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()
at CoCoL.ChannelExtensions.WaitForTaskOrThrow(Task task)
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller.<>c__DisplayClass14_0.b__0(BackupResults result)
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller.RunAction[T](T result, String& paths, IFilter& filter, Action`1 method)
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller.Backup(String inputsources, IFilter filter)
at Duplicati.Server.Runner.Run(IRunnerData data, Boolean fromQueue)

If I try to Recreate (delete and repair) the database I get the error:
No filelists found on the remote destination

Is this your first time trying to back up with Duplicati? Perhaps no files were actually uploaded. In that case a database recreation would give that error.

Can you take a screen shot of the Backup Destination section of your backup configuration? Blur or mask username/passwords or other sensitive information. I’m wondering if you are using backslashes instead of forward slashes in the “Path on server” field.

I believe that moving the config from one system to another before the initial backup completed corrupted the destination files. There was 3TB of data on the destination before I deleted it all and started again from scratch.
The backup looks very different now. It displays a source, backup, and version info even though the initial backup is not complete.

I am seeing this as well. I’m backing up to a local disk and it’s been backing up fine for 3 months. This past week I started getting this error message on the backups.

Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriterException: No token to close. Path ''.
  at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter.CalculateLevelsToComplete (Newtonsoft.Json.JsonContainerType type) [0x00056] in <d47de75a7e3f422ca4ca64a654c80495>:0 
  at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter.AutoCompleteClose (Newtonsoft.Json.JsonContainerType type) [0x00000] in <d47de75a7e3f422ca4ca64a654c80495>:0 
  at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter.InternalWriteEnd (Newtonsoft.Json.JsonContainerType container) [0x00000] in <d47de75a7e3f422ca4ca64a654c80495>:0 
  at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonWriter.WriteEndArray () [0x00000] in <d47de75a7e3f422ca4ca64a654c80495>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Volumes.FilesetVolumeWriter.AddFilelistFile () [0x00000] in <8f1de655bd1240739a78684d845cecc8>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Volumes.FilesetVolumeWriter.Close () [0x00008] in <8f1de655bd1240739a78684d845cecc8>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Volumes.FilesetVolumeWriter.Dispose () [0x00000] in <8f1de655bd1240739a78684d845cecc8>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler+<RunAsync>d__20.MoveNext () [0x00fbb] in <8f1de655bd1240739a78684d845cecc8>:0 
--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
  at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw () [0x0000c] in <8f2c484307284b51944a1a13a14c0266>:0 
  at CoCoL.ChannelExtensions.WaitForTaskOrThrow (System.Threading.Tasks.Task task) [0x00050] in <9a758ff4db6c48d6b3d4d0e5c2adf6d1>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler.Run (System.String[] sources, Duplicati.Library.Utility.IFilter filter, System.Threading.CancellationToken token) [0x00009] in <8f1de655bd1240739a78684d845cecc8>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller+<>c__DisplayClass14_0.<Backup>b__0 (Duplicati.Library.Main.BackupResults result) [0x0004b] in <8f1de655bd1240739a78684d845cecc8>:0 
  at Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller.RunAction[T] (T result, System.String[]& paths, Duplicati.Library.Utility.IFilter& filter, System.Action`1[T] method) [0x0011c] in <8f1de655bd1240739a78684d845cecc8>:0