“No filelist found on the remote destination”


Hey All,

I’m having an interesting issue. I have a fresh Debian 9 server with BackBlaze B2 as a backup destination. Things were going along smoothly until I needed to reboot the server for kernel updates. What happened next is that I tried to resume the backup and got the error "No filelist found on the remote destination”. Alright, did some reading and I attempted to do a database repair. That didn’t work and I still got the message. I did a database delete and then verify. It said that there were 3115 files on the destination and that I would need to run a repair to update the database. Cool, not a problem. Afterward it got to a point where I ended up with the same filelist error.

So far I’m really liking this setup. But I would really like to resume my backup and get past this error. Can anyone offer any advise?


Sorry for missing this earlier - are you still having the issue?

Do you recall what version of Duplicati you were using and whether or not the initial backup had completed?

Normally continuing a backup like that should be no problem but the “No filelists found” error means Duplicati couldn’t find any dlist files at the destination.

This could be due to many possible reasons including:

  • bad response from B2 when Duplicati asked for a file list

    [Can you check the job -> Show log -> Remote (tab) to see if any dlist files were listed? Note that if you rebuilt the database then it likely wiped that log]

  • bad parsing of response by Duplicati

  • files ACTUALLY missing (or maybe never created if initial backup incomplete?)

    [Can you find any duplicati-20171030T180000Z.dlist.7z.aes like files on B2?]

  • Duplicati looking in the wrong folder (well, different folder than it was using before)


Tell me if I understand correctly. Initial backup cannot be resumed? If it fails I get this and more errrors. WIth no fix.