No backup jobs after autostart

Hi guys,

I installed Duplicati on Ubuntu 20.04 using the .deb file without any issue. I then configured a backup and ran it manually - everything worked perfectly. I ran it manually the next day, again no issue.
Manually means that I started Duplicati from the Activities ribbon on the Ubuntu launcher (or whatever it is called these days) and started the backup job.
On day 3, I noticed that Duplicati wouldn’t start automatically upon login, so I used

sudo systemctl enable duplicati

to enable the service and this also works, Duplicati starts upon login.
But when I access the web front end (localhost:8200), the configured backup job is not there.
It looks like a fresh install.

However, when I start Duplicati manually (activities -> Duplicati), a second instance is generated on port 8300 and this instance shows the configured backup plan (but it doesn’t start automatically)

How do I unravel this? Is it enough to export the configuration of the Backup job on the instance on port 8300 and import it into the one started by the service on port 8200?

Any help is appreciated!


By default the service instance uses /root/.config/Duplicati and a user instance uses /home/<username>/.config/Duplicati to store configuration files.

I think the easiest thing is to stop both the user and the service instance of Duplicati, then transfer the configuration files.

First stop the user instance. I don’t recall if Ubuntu shows a “tray icon” like Windows (I know Mint does). If it does, right click on it and select Quit. (If you don’t have a tray icon, then maybe just reboot your system and don’t launch the user instance when it comes back up.)

Stop the service instance with:

$ sudo systemctl stop duplicati

Copy the files from /home/<username>/.config/Duplicati into /root/.config/Duplicati, overwriting anything that may already be there. After that I’d probably rename the /home/<username>/.config/Duplicati folder just so it isn’t accidentally used again.

Now start the service version:

$ sudo systemctl start duplicati

Start the Duplicati Web UI and before you run any backup jobs repoint your job databases. For each backup job you defined, click on its name, then click Database … then update the path from /home/<username>/.config/Duplicati/xxx.sqlite to /root/.config/Duplicati/xxx.sqlite

After you update those you should be able to run the backup jobs like normal. Once you are satisfied the service version is working properly, you can delete the old Duplicati folder in /home/<username>/.config

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That works.
Thank you!