Newest Version - Network Folders not working

So I upgraded to the latest version from 2018-11-14 -
After this upgrade, none of the network folders I was backing up no longer work.
Duplicati tells me it is an invalid path.

Error while running Tech

Invalid path: T:\ Parameter name: path

Seeing the same error but with just a root drive path, eg “E:\”

Created specific topic in case these are not actually the same issue:

Hi @Dan, welcome to the forum!

Does it sound like you and @aureliandevel are seeing what’s reported here?

Yes, this is what’s happening. I’ve decided to downgrade to version, delete and recreate the databases and things are working now. The latest version has a bug.

Added support for “splitting” a root path. went in as a potential fix for issue #3637 cited earlier as forum #6215. Not sure if it’ll help here too.

Known issue… I had to downgrade to Luckily I never had the issue with 13 but only had that for a day before going to 14.

I will be sending out an update now, which includes the fix.
I have tested the fix on Windows.

Please let us know if using this version resolves the issue for you.

I’ll let you know as soon as a database recreation is completed as I did this to make it work with earlier version. It’s been running a day now, 3/4 done.

This is now working. Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know!