Newbie questions - Mac

Hi there, apologies if these are known issues, searched the forums but didn’t find answers

I’m running on a MacBook Air i7 with 8Gb or RAM, running Mojave, backing up to a B2 bucket. Browser is Chrome. The backup seems to be running OK so far, but…

  1. Is there a Mac-specific version of the manual? Almost all of the examples are for Windows…
  2. Is there a known issue where the backup progress percentage on the main screen is inaccurate? Backup is about 40% done, but sometimes the progress says 0.00%, sometimes it jumps to 60 or 70 or 90%, then back to 0.00 (see screenshot)
  3. i was looking for the various utility programs referenced in the manual, but when i looked inside the Duplicati Mac package file, I only see .exe and .dll files, which seems odd - these obviously won’t be useful on MacOS… are there MacOS versions of these somewhere? Why are windows DLL and EXE’s included in the Mac package?
  4. i checked my upload speed on the Backblaze B2 site several times and it varies between 3-10 Mb (see screenshot) (Bandwidth Test), but my backup is consistently only running at 1.2 - 1.4 Mb. Is this expected?

Appreciate any pointers or feedback.


A quick note on 2 - it’s progress on processing the current file. I can see how it could be a little confusing, though.

Ah - that explains that…


Hi @doninla, welcome to the forum!

You’re seeing “Windows” exe & dll files because Duplicati is written (mostly) in .NET which historically was a Windows only technology.

However, these days Mac and Linux machines can run .NET applications using the mono framework which basically translates all the .NET API calls into Mac (or Linux) compatible functions.

So for example, when we (or the manual) reference running Duplicati.CommandLine.exe from the command line, on a Mac or Linux you’d want to open a terminal window and run it with mono in front (so in this case it would be mono Duplicati.CommandLine.exe).

That should cover most of the manual appearing to be Windows only. If you’re concerned about the screenshots being only from Windows, keep in mind most Duplicati usage is done through the GUI which is web based - so it should run fine in any modern web browser regardless of the underlying OS.

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Be careful of units. The screenshot shown is MB (uppercase B) which is bytes. A byte is 8 bits (lowercase b). Assuming the reading is correct, you’re running at the high end 1.22MB/sec* 8 = 9.76Mbit/sec of your range, which means Duplicati is managing to keep the link pretty full. People with gigabit links may get disappointed.

Some operating systems got scripts for common things. For example, Duplicati on my Linux system included /usr/bin/duplicati which winds up doing exec -a "$APP_NAME" mono "$EXE_FILE" "$@" to start up mono, but for anything not having a convenience script (anyone know what Mac has?) there’s the direct mono start.

Thanks to both JonMikeIV and ts678 for their explanations.


Thanks for the info!

I’ve mostly got Windows experience, but I support Duplicati on a Mac, a few Linux boxes, and a Docker container or two - but that just means I figured out how to install it, not how to use it. :slight_smile:

I felt it was harder to get the service set up on the Mac than on Windows or Linux, but then I’ve had the least amount of experience with the plist files that are used on Macs. (Personally, I’d like to see them move to systemd.)