Newbie Questions: Backends, Multiple Backends, & Recommendations


I’m a newbie who’s very interested in Duplicati but have a few questions before diving in:

  1. Where can one find a list of currently supported backends?
  2. Is it possible to use 2 different backends simultaneously? For example, CertainSafe for very sensitive data like credit cards and another, less expensive service with a bigger data limit for storing less sensitive data like videos, photos, etc.
  3. Can you recommend cloud storage backends that work particularly well with Duplicti (or others to avoid), that are very cost effective, etc.?


here you go:
amazon cloud drive
amazon s3
azure blob
backblaze b2

google cloud storage
google drive
microsoft onedrive
microsoft onedrive for business
microsoft sharepoint
openstacke simple storage
rackspace cloudfiles

also:(generic protocols)
openstack object storage/swift
s3 compatible
and local storage

You can set up multiple jobs to back up to each their backend :slight_smile:
They won’t run at the same time but they can be scheduled sequentially.

In general all the backends should work equally well, although there may be some standing issues with a couple of them. It’s always good to search the Issues · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub before deciding on a backend.

I use Google Drive and I know a couple others here on the forum use Amazon S3.

++rclone (and backends supported by rclone)