Newbie question

I’ve set-up Duplicati 2 with my Amazon S3 account to do some one-time backups to Deep Glacier.

I did a 4 byte test file to start with, and instead of my text file in the S3 management console, the text file was split into a .dlist, a .dblock, and a .dindex ZIP file.

I was expecting to just see the text file in the console.

Where have I gone wrong?

this is normal behavior for duplicati, it wont copy the exact file as you see it in your computer.

It’s all part of the deduplication, compression, and encryption processes. Files will NOT be in native format on the back end (S3). But what you get from this is efficient storage (dedupe, compression), versioning, and retention.

For example on one of my PCs I protect 35GB of data. I now have 152 backup versions yet it only takes 69GB on the back end.

If you want direct replication of your data in native format, you can look at tools like rclone.