Newbie question about Storage on

Hi folks,

thank you for providing such an interesting piece of software - which I haven’t understood fully. I just installed on a Win7 PC. I did configure an run a job to store a backup on Judging from the feedback I got, everything ran smoothly. But I cannot find any new files via Mega’s web access. I logged off an on again, cleared the browser cache. What went wrong? Where Do I look for errors?


Welcome to the forum @mkymu8f4

I don’t use, but in seems broken just noted a possible cause if your mega account is new. Could you try the “Test connection” button on the Destination screen to see if you’re even getting connected? Looking at your job log’s “BackendStatistics” would show what (if anything) you were actually able to upload.

Or maybe neither of us know where to look in the web UI for the files. Do you have usage stats that went up?


“Test connection” seems to work. At least, I do not get an error message. It reports, that my path is not available and offers to create it. After that step it works. (That happens even if I create the path in advance. Also on Google).

I cannot see any sign of upload on mega. No files no stats. How else can I check?

Viewing the log files of a backup job is the kind of thing I was talking about. Does yours show file uploads? I’m not sure where they would be seen, but first let’s make sure that Duplicati reports that it’s uploading…

   "BackendStatistics": {
      "RemoteCalls": 10,
      "BytesUploaded": 35131383,
      "BytesDownloaded": 37097527,
      "FilesUploaded": 3,
      "FilesDownloaded": 3,
      "FilesDeleted": 2,
      "FoldersCreated": 0,
      "RetryAttempts": 0,