New User - Trouble Installing Duplicati

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to install Duplicati to act as a backup service for a Source Control Mangement server. The system is running on a Win10 VM. I’m a new to the Duplicati ecosystem, so please bear with me.

I’ve just performed a fresh install of Beta. I have the server running in the system tray and a shiny icon on my desktop, but when trying to access the backend of the system I am met with a Connection Lost: The connection to the server is lost, attempting again in 00:04 error (it ticks down to 00:00 but loops). I have verified that the VM is capable of using web-based backends. I have also made sure .NET Framework is up-to-date and Visual C++ 2015 is installed.

I’m not sure where to proceed from here. Are there some installation steps that I’ve missed? As it stands right now, the installation simply doesn’t work.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

When you say “back end” are you talking about your backup destination? If so what type of destination are you using?

Or are you talking about the source data - is it remote or local to the system where Duplicati is running?

With “backend of the system” I’m talking about the HTML web-based backend that is used to configure Duplicati.
Hope that helps!

If you go to this site
what do you get?