New user questions about logging, verification, and volume size

I am new to Duplicati and have been experimenting with it for about a week. So far, I am very impressed, but I have a few questions (note, I am using Duplicati -

  1. I have used the --full-result=true option, expecting the result logs to include a list of files that were backed up, but I see no difference in the result logs with or without that option set. Should I be looking somewhere else to see the list of files, or is there some other way to view the files that were backed up and deleted during a given run?

  2. I set --full-remote-verification=true, but I notice the time reported for the verification step is about the same (about 12-14 seconds) with or without that option set. Is this as expected? If so, why not just make full verification the default? Is there a way to verify that Duplicati is in fact doing the full verification?

  3. My backup set includes about 24GB and 40,000+ files. With the default volume size of 50MB, I now have a little over 900 files in my B2 repository (I’m retaining hourly backups for 5 days, then daily, etc.). Would there be much downside to reducing the volume size to maybe only 10MB. I suppose the file count would then jump to 4500+ – is that likely to be a problem, either with B2 or the local database? The rationale for reducing the volume size would be to minimize B2 download bandwidth when testing, compacting, and restoring.

  4. I found documentation at Duplicati 2 User’s Manual but don’t see any links to it from the website. Is that documentation up-to-date and recommended?

Thank you.