New to Windows and Duplicati, not understanding results

I am trialing duplicati on a new Windows 10 laptop that has an EMR that I need to backup to B2. I think I was able to connect to B2 and set everything up correctly. The backup is a single folder in the root of the hard drive. According to properties, the size of the folder is 75.6 GB (77.5 GB on disk), with 927,620 files in 9,480 folders. This is fairly consistent with what Duplicati Scans, but for whatever reason, when it finished, the backup is only 30.35 GB. There were 6 warnings, which were just 6 .tmp files that it could not back up. I changed the settings to skip temporary files. Now when I run it, it goes through the motions real quick, checking everything and then saying it was successful, but again, the source is 75.6 GB and the backup, which I verified on B2 account is only 30.35 GB. What am I missing?

To clarify. The logs reported.

1st backup : completed in about an hour, examined 927620 75.67 GB, opened 75.67 GB, and added 75.67 GB (but again the B2 bucket is only 30.35GB and it states the same under the task info in Duplicati), deleted 0 6 warnings (.tmp files)

2nd backup (scheduled): completed in 8 minutes, examined 927620 75.67 GB, opened 17 1.2 GB, added 14 kb, modified 1.20 GB, deleted 0 6 warnings (same .tmp files)

3rd backup (scheduled): completed in 8 minutes, examined 927620 75.67 GB, opened 17 1.19GB, added 0, modified 1.19GB, deleted 0

THEN I checked logs and saw the .tmp file issue, so I changed the task to exclude .tmp files, saved it.

4th backup (manually run by clicking the run now button), completed in 40 seconds, examined 0, opened 0, added 0, modified 0, deleted 927614. What? Deleted 927614???

I am so confused.

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Well, the 75.67 GB stat is your front end size. That is, the total size of all files selected for backup.

The back end size of 30.35 GB is after compression and deduplication. It is pretty normal for this number to be smaller than the front end size, the amount of which really depends on how well your data compresses and dedupes.

As you continue to do backups, new jobs will add just changed (unique) blocks to the back end so it will slowly increase in size. If you are not keeping all backup versions, then at some point backup versions will be pruned which will free up space on the back end. (Technically the freeing of space may require a compaction process, but maybe that’s getting too far into the weeds at this point…)

Deleted 927614???

Regarding this one, I am guessing you fouled up your filters and somehow excluded everything from backup. (That’s why it says 0 files examined.) So Duplicati saw a reduction of 927614 files between backup 3 and backup 4.

Can you take a screen shot of your filter configuration?

Everything makes sense that you shared, I did not know that it automatically compressed anything. Thank you!

Re: Deleted 927614 files… This occurred after I attempted to remedy the only errors I was receiving, which was 6 temporary files it could not back up. I went back to the settings and on the source data page, I checked the temporary files check box under Exclude. The next backup resulted in it showing that number under deleted in the log view. I unchecked it and saved… but for whatever reason, it is still showing 0 under examined in the log when I run it manually.

I printed the log to PDF on this Lenovo Windows 10 machine laptop, but it won’t let me upload it. I could not even successfully open the .PDF that Microsoft Edge created, and there does not appear to be a “Preview” app like on Mac where I could easily convert the PDF pages to several .JPGs, so I’m not sure how to share at this point. I haven’t used Windows in over 15 years. There also does not appear to be a straight forward way to .ZIP it up either (a simple right click on my Mac that is built into the OS) It should not be this difficult, lol. C’mon Gates!

Ok, I was able to figure out how to connect to Laptop over network and pull the .PDF. I zipped it up using my MAC. Please find the attached print of the log.Duplicati Screen (830.4 KB)

Thanks, but that looks like your job history. I need to see your filter configuration. Go to the main web UI, click on your backup job, click Edit, go to page 3, and expand the Filters and Exclude sections. Take a screen snip of this and include the image file (I recommend PNG) in your post.

As I explained… I had not configured any filters initially, other than selecting the one folder on the root of the drive. When I started to receive the temp file errors, I checked the box to exclude Temporary Files. It was the next backup that the deleted files showed up… that is why I sent you the job history, so you could see the progression. I unchecked the box and the next backup (as shown in the log I sent) did not revert back to scanning everything as I expected. I will try to send a screen grab if you need proof… but it looks like your screen grab now (nothing checked).

Ok hmm, if you have no filters then I guess double check your source selections.

Or if you are comfortable, you can export your job definition as a command line so we can evaluate its full setup. Click your backup job, click Export, click As Command Line, and click Export. Copy/paste this in a reply to the forum. Be sure to redact passwords or other sensitive information.

Thank you!

Not sure how/why, but it’s scheduled backup at 1pm ran and completed as expected, processing everything accordingly. To see if it was a difference between scheduled and manual, I manually started another one just now and it is also running fine. I have no idea… I’ll update if the behavior returns, but it appears all is well.

Strange… well I’m glad it’s working for you now!