Nested directoris filters question

The How do filters work? · duplicati/duplicati Wiki · GitHub page mentions being able to “use globbing to specify rules” but doesn’t specify whether or not ** will indicate nested folders (so a/**/z.doc matches a/z.doc, a/b/z.doc, a/b/c/z.doc, etc.).

I did a quick test with v2.0.2.17_canary and it looks like it IS supported! Should this be mentioned on the above page or is it more of a by-product feature than actual supported?

Filter (as text):


Test-filters result:

Including source path: C:\Users\TEMP\
Including folder: C:\Users\TEMP\
Including folder: C:\Users\TEMP\AppData\
Including folder: C:\Users\TEMP\AppData\Local\
Excluding path due to filter: C:\Users\TEMP\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\ => (C:\**\TILEDATALAYER\)
Matched 0 files (0 bytes)
Return code: 0