Nessus Scans - Trouble?

Has anyone experienced backup issues after scanning the network with Nessus Home?

Unfortunately, I suspect the vast majority of people aren’t running vulnerability tests on their home networks so you may not find any peers to help answer this one. :wink:

It sounds like you might have had some backup problems yourself, though - what sorts of issues were you having and where they with local or cloud destinations?

What happened was, the duplicati service hung. On three machines: two Linux and a Win7. The UI was non-responsive and the machines had to be rebooted.

I’m wondering whether --webservice-interface=any was set? The default is to listen only on the same computer, which would require Nessus to hang Duplicati indirectly somehow. Having too-open access to Duplicati is a risk.

It might also be interesting what ports Nessus scanned. It’s configurable but nessus-services file gives defaults, though I see some complaints about inability to get them, and I don’t have Nessus here to check it out myself…

The web interface is open because I manage all three computers’ backups from one of them.

Thanks for the details. I’m running one Duplicati instance with --webservice-interface=any so I went ahead and installed Nessus and tried to register it as an “Offline” Scanner Type but can’t figure out how the challenge code / activation code thing is supposed to work. :thinking: