Need help understanding the logs vs what is actually happening

As another CrashPlan refugee, I find Duplicati promising.
I just installed it on Mac OS 10.13.5 High Sierra and created a Wasabi free trial.

I created a new backup job that is well under the 1TB free trial limit and started it.

It’s been running for a while now (a little over an hour) and I’m seeing lines like this in the live log:
Jul 9, 2018 11:50 AM: Backend event: Put - Started: (83.97 KB)

The wording of that message seems to me to indicate the Duplicati ha started to move stuff to my Wasabi bucket.

But, when I look at the bucket on the Wasbi page, it shows that the bucket is empty.

What am I missing?

It sounds like everything i working as it should… I don’t think you’re missing anything.

While I personally haven’t used Wasabi, my GUESS is that Wasabi’s authorization for Duplicati’s access is limited to a “Duplicati only” section of your storage. Basically, it’s more secure for you if apps (like Duplicati) or allowed services can only see their chunk of files on your storage.

Unfortunately, this often means that you yourself can’t see the individual app storage locations - at least not without some poking around.


It appears that you are correct.
Poking around a bit, I discovered another page that says the bucket has 89GB in it which is what I would expect.

Still haven’t found a way to view anything, though. I’ve submitted a query to Wasabi and will update this if and when I get a useful answer.



You may also find that @wasabi-jim has some useful info as well (if he’s available). :slight_smile: