Moving all file versions from CrashPlan to Duplicati

A bit OT as it is purely related to CrashPlan, but probably a lot of competency around CrashPlan has gathered in this forum:grinning:

When I restore from CrashPlan I can select either the latest version or a version for a specific point in time.
But does anybody know how to restore all available versions at once?

I would like to keep the history of each file and sending it to another provider using Duplicati.

Not possible I’m afraid. I wanted to do that too, but crashplan doesn’t provide a way.

Thanks for the answer.
What did you do? Or did you just skip the previous versions?

In theory you can manually restore each backup (oldest to newest) with a Duplicati backup between each restore. This will get your versions out of CrashPlan and into Duplicati.

However, the timestamps on the Duplicati versions of the CrashPlan history will not be correct which could cause oddities in cleanup if you’ve using certain keep-until or retention-policy settings.

In theory, an adjustment to the computer clock to more closely match the CrashPlan backup time could get around that problem but I haven’t tested it.

I certainly could be wrong, but most likely you don’t need every version of every CrashPlan backup. If that’s the case, consider doing a CrashPlan Restore + Duplicati backup combo for one of every 4 months worth of CrashPlan versions (or whatever makes sense to you).

Note that it appears there are SOME command line tools available for CrashPlan, so if you poke around the code42 forums maybe you can find a command line restore script…

Thanks for taking the time and coming up with some ideas!!!

For the computer we had backing up to crashplan cloud, that had our most important history. So for now I transitioned that to the crashplan small business in order to keep that history. My plan will be that once duplicati reaches a stable release I’ll stop new backups to crashplan cloud and begin to use duplicati for that instead but retain the history in crashplan cloud for a while (maybe months or years, not sure yet). But for other computers where we were backing up to external USB drives I’m just going to forget about the history. In theory, I could use the one computer we’re backing up to the crashplan cloud to restore files from the historical backups of the other computers if we really needed to. But at some point we’ll just delete the history from those machines.

That’s pretty much my plan as well. I’ve stopped the CrashPlan service on my machines that are now using Duplicati. If I need pre-Duplicati versions I can still pull from CrashPlan - at least until October 2018, at which point I’ll have to pull the plug or pay.

Despite how things might appear on the forum, Duplicati has been very stable for me. I have one intermittent SFTP error that seems to resolve itself within 24 hours so haven’t even bothered putting a post a bout it yet as it’s probably a machine specific issue. :blush:

I should however point out that we may be a while from an official stable channel release, so please keep that in mind if you’re hoping Duplicati will officially stabilize BEFORE your CrashPlan services expire (assuming you’re on the free plan).

I agree with your comments @JonMikelV. Based on what I’ve seen, the duplicati server appears to be very reliable. I’m trusting it with all my users who just backed up with crashplan to USB harddrive. However, I’m not expecting that duplicati will go stable before Crashplan free completely dies. I have one paid crashplan computer that is backing up to their cloud. It will probably be a year or two before I remove it as it is responsible for all our NGO’s data being safely backed up to the cloud and maintains a 3 year history of versions so far. I’ll need to build up a duplicati history to replace it, but I’m not going to transfer the older versions across.

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