Moved backup job, now counting files takes a very long time

New to this, so not sure how to explain this accurately, but here goes.

I have my data sync’d between my PC and my NAS server. Initially I setup my nas to run duplicati to backup to a remote sftp. But I had a change of thought and stopped that job, and moved it to my PC. My rationale is that my PC is the real source and the NAS is just the sync’d.

In doing so, the source file paths have changed, the destination SFTP has not changed. I understand this isn’t a big deal because of the deduplication process.

However, on the original backup job on the NAS, it only takes 4 minutes to run a backup job. But now on my PC it takes over 4 hours. I noticed that the majority of the time is “counting files”.

Any thoughts on what’s going on?

I’m on Windows 11, but running duplicati through Docker and wsl - though I could migrate to the windows installed app.

I switched to the Windows desktop app and it’s much faster. I assume WSL - while working - is just a bit slower at indexing the files.

Thanks for following up! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone try running Duplicati inside WSL before.