'Move existing database' vs 'An existing file was found at the new location'

I just installed Duplicati - on my new NAS and want to set multiple backup jobs to an external HDD. The idea is that the job’s databases are also stored on that HDD in a subfolder.
So I set up a backup job, let it run once, then use the ‘Move existing database’ function to move it.
This worked like a charm for job #1. But when trying this with job #2 I get the response ‘An existing file was found at the new location’. Of course there is, it’s from job #1. The database name for job #2 is different, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
How can I accomplish this?

Years ago I did exactly the same with my old NAS, and it worked all the time without problem.
Do I need to set up a separate subfolder for each backup job? I can do that, but I’m wondering, if i’m missing something important here?

Regards, Christian

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Make sure you don’t get autofill of the old name, like my browser tried. Did you enter a full, different name?
Entering the folder is another way to get the “existing file” message, although actually it’s a folder, not a file.

I’m taking some guesses above, but it’s definitely possible to do, because I just did it. Two new DB paths:

As per my knowledge, you can indeed set up separate subfolders for each backup job on your external HDD. Although this may seem like an extra step, it ensures that each job’s database remains distinct and prevents conflicts when moving existing databases. While it worked seamlessly on your old NAS, this precaution can help maintain organization and prevent potential conflicts between databases on your new NAS.

I hope this will help you./


Good point. While it should work to use one folder, it’s easier to forget which database goes with which job.
While testing and making the above screenshot, I made a map in notepad of job to database for tracking… Alternatively, I could have changed random DB name to one indicating the job, but I didn’t choose that path.

If you go with multiple subfolders, one arrangement is to put the subfolder in the Destination, or vice versa. Primary precaution to take is: don’t use folder name style that would be confused with the destination files.

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Thanks to everybody for your inputs. But at the end it was a mistake on my side. During all the setting up I apparently disconnected that external drive and reconnected it. On a QNAP NAS the drive will be mounted again, but Duplicati doesn’t find it anymore. I already had that experience with my old NAS.
So when entering the new destination and clicking on ‘move’ the first time nothing happens. After trying again the message ‘An existing file was found at the new location’ appears.

The solution is to reboot the NAS.


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