Mount - unmount target network share scripts for Windows


I am using duplicati 1.3.4 and are now migrating to duplicati 2.

My backup target is an USB drive attached to my and i access it via ftp.

For whatever reason with duplicati 1.3.4 i receive only sometimes (rare) “System.Net.Web.Exception: Connection with remote server can not be established” (translated from German)

With duplicati 1.3.4 this was not really an issue because the backup was repeated the next day. But duplicati 2 seems to be stuck in the middle of the current backup somehow when using ftp and this error shows up (i assume it is the same issue but i do not see this error or i do not know where to look at to find).
What is the right way to observe why duplicati 2 is stuck when using the ftp connection method?

To avoid this ftp problem I can also access the USB drive as a network share, but i do not want it to be mounted all time.
So - when using duplicati 2 - i like to mount it before backup and unmount it afterwards. I read in this forum that you can do this via run-script-before and run-script-after, but did not find a sample for these scripts.
Has anyone already written this kind of scripts for Windows to perform this action and is willing to share it?

Also … if i have multiple backups defined to run at the same time - will duplicati run them one after the other or will backup scripts run in parallel? If parallel, could it happen backup 2 finish before backup 1 and dismounts before backup 1 is finished? (or with other words - is serialization required?!?)

Thanks + regards, Stefan

Welcome to the forum @Stefan

Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs in About --> Show log --> Live --> Retry would be an easy start, however setting up a log-file is possible if the problem is rare enough that you don’t want to watch.
–log-file-log-level can set its level. Retry might be fine here too. Highest level (BIG log) is Profiling.

If you’re very technically inclined on networking, Wireshark does well because FTP is unencrypted.

I have not, but some previously contributed examples of using net use for this were in posts below.

Cannot access network folder
UNC source with credentials?

Yes, although parallel has been talked about. Actually having it happen doesn’t seem likely real soon. Priority should be given to getting what’s current there working well enough that it can get out of beta.