Most cost efficient backend for about 300GB


I just installed the Beta and I think that it is a great product. I’ve been looking forward for a product like this since long time ago.

I have 3 computers with a total of about 300GB of data to backup that does not change very often. I am an AWS user, so my first thought has been to backup to an Infrequently Accessed S3 bucket. The pricing policy for S3 is not really clear but I guess that it will be about $6 per month. Recovering a full backup would cost me about $30.

My question is: anyone has any recommendation for storing backup data in the cloud? Glacier would be a good idea? Another provider maybe?


I use Stack from TransIP for my Duplicati backups. I’m not sure if invite requests are accepted globally, it’s a Dutch storage service.

TransIP the biggest hosting company in the Netherlands. With Stack you get 1000 GB (!) storage for free, based on OwnCloud. It’s completely free, no ads, no restrictions and can be accessed using WebDAV. So it’s a great place to use as a backend for Duplicati.

You can request an invite here: TransIP | STACK - Van jou: 1000GB gratis opslag

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STACK is beschikbaar in Nederland en België, vraag direct je invite aan!

That looks amazing!

Unfortunately, they don’t allow registrations from outside of Netherlands or Belgium.

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I use S3 for my backups. I would not recommend using Glacier, it is too much of a hassle. The downside to S3 is the bandwidth costs, the storage itself is fairly priced.

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Hm, fair or not, but unless I’m calculating something wrong, it’s about 23 USD per Terabyte, excluding traffic: 0.023 x 1024 = 23.55. That doesn’t sound so competitive…

I registered from Austria

But does duplicati support Stack?

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Stack is based on OwnCloud, which supports WebDAV. So choose WebDAV in Duplicati as backend and supply this information:

  • Storage type: WebDAV
  • Use SSL: checked
  • Server and port: [YourUsername]
  • Path on server: remote.php/webdav/Path/To/Your/Backupfiles
  • Username and password: Valid credentials for your Stack account.

I use a subaccount in Stack to store my Duplicati backups, so the backup files are stored outside the storage I use for other files.



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Yes, it is not the cheapest solution, but it does have great stability.

I managed to open “Mijn Account” in Stack. (Luckily Google translates Dutch quite well)

Thank you for the advice, guys!

Log on to your Stack account and click on your account name in the upper right corner. Click “Instellingen” (the gear-symbol), then click “Taal wijzigen” under “Voorkeuren”. Choose “English” to set the interface language to something you can read!.


And that was an excellent advice as well. :slight_smile:

You could also look into BackBlaze B2. It looks quite affordable. Given the parameters you give, you’d look at around $22/year.


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Thanks kees-z for the tip!

I tried to follow this to change the language to English without success. The gear icon is called “Control Panel” instead of “Instellingen”. Has the page changed or am I doing in the wrong place?

It’s here:

Wild guess: are you trying to find it at TransIP | STACK - Jouw online harde schijf? If so, you use the wrong url. You can find it at https://[yourusername] after loggin in.



and Atlassian:

offer free unlimited private Git repositories.

If somebody implements Git as a Duplicati backend,
we could use them…

See also this topic: