Mono update (JottaCloud TLS issue) -> Database rebuild - Why?

Interesting. I don’t know why this happened, and that’s why I’m posting.

  1. JottaCloud got broken, probaby because it required newer TLS version than what the old Mono supported.
  2. After updating Mono Duplicati said that the database is broken (why? I’ve got no idea)
  3. Had to run repair for the database, as we know, this can be extremely slow process. In this specific case the database is “manageable” but sure, this is really slow still. - It also seems that JottaCloud is quite slow, when handling the small index files, response time is high.
  4. After index files it also downloaded some blocklist volumes.
  5. Confirmed everything to be ok.

My only question remains, why mono update triggered these issues? I don’t directly understand the connection.

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I don’t know why a mono upgrade would have triggered this. Perhaps the TLS issue occurred during the middle of a backup and interrupted it?

What version of Duplicati are you using? Newer versions rebuild the database much more quickly. If you are on a recent canary and a database rebuild still requires dblock downloads, let me know. I have been able to resolve that issue on several of my machines. Now database rebuilds only fetch dlist and dindex files - no dblocks - and are quite fast in comparison.


Sounds extremely unlikely in my case. But what’s possible is that is that the backup job was started, and then upload failed due to TLS issue. The very first file of new backup version. That does sound likely indeed. But it shouldn’t trigger need for rebuild, just not-committing stuff that didn’t get through. Things that happen and are kind of unexpected make me curious. - So something illogical happened, which shouldn’t happen.

To be totally clear about this, I did try run test after the first backup failed. Just to find out if it’s backup or something else. Of course that test also failed with SChannel issues. Yet it shouldn’t change anything in the db.


No, rebuild consists several parts. The rebuild itself was really quick, I didn’t even notice when it happened. But with slow remote storage as example the JottaCloud, downloading files itself can take a really long time. And itself wasn’t bandwidth limited, but API latency limited. If you need to download 1000 5 kb files, it might take a long time, even if the amount of data getting transferred is small.