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Hello everybody!

New user of Duplicati i’m searching for some informations in order to monitor duplicati backup status:
I’m using PRTG for monitoring.
there’s a script in github but it does not allow the server to be password protected and needs an access to api, which, in case of a remote installation, can be a problem.

I may have missed something but log file, no matter verbosity, does not return simple backup status.

What i need:
To know the backup status: running, warning, error, OK

else by running a script locally or using the infos the server can send.

TLDR: i just need a way to retreive, in the simpliest way possible, the status of the backup using the existing tools provided by duplicati.

Any help - tips - idea appreciated.

Welcome to the forum @antiplot

Reporting options gives the three “provided by duplicati” options – HTTP, mail, and XMPP, . You might consider “I just have duplicati send its backup reports to an email that prtg monitors.” from Thinking of creating central monitoring solution which I found by Google search for “duplicati” “prtg” for a wide net.

How can I monitor my backup software to be sure backup succeeded last night? from the Paessler KB covers email monitoring (e.g. via IMAP access to some mailbox) in good depth, if that seems suitable.

You can have %PARSEDRESULT% (Error, Warning, Success) put into the email body or subject line.
You can also get ParsedResult (and other info) from the email body using JSON output format option.

If you’re willing to use Scripting options, a simplified backup status (and other information) is available.
You would have to figure out some way for a custom script to make its information available to PRTG.

PRTG Manual: List of Available Sensor Types shows how one can HTTP-push some data into PRTG. may be simplest possible way to check adherence to schedule.

If you need more than an after-the-backup report, you’re probably getting into undocumented APIs. See.
Get last backup status for PRTG sensor in the forum tried
Was that the one you found and didn’t like?

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Hello and thanks for your very extensive answer.
Yeah, that was the one.

I will go scritpting way i guess.

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Hi antipiot

I’m the writer of the PRTG-Duplicati script.
Would it be helpful, if you’d have a script which pushes the state to prtg to a push sensor?

Kind regards,