Missing XSRF token


If error msg appears, usually when I start from tray icon, I refresh browser. No problem then.


Ok I can reproduce this both on linux (Kubuntu 17.10 64bit) and windows 10 64bit, both as a service…

It seems if you access the web ui, leave and come back about 30 minutes later you will always be greeted with the XSRF error.

Did just notice if you click to clear the error then goto settings it has your version as unknown. A simple refresh fixes it. Was double checking to make sure linux box was also on the


I confirm that the problem is still present.
The other problems do not know if they are caused by the Missing XSRF token, stadiums made that are bought at the same time.
Before the beta version i had no problem.

I add an information, the backup works correctly only the first time, then it no longer works until you restart the PC (but the data in Home is not changed and no e-mail messages are sent).


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Duplicati won’t start

I, too, can confirm the “Missing XSRF token” problem still exists on my (admittedly underpowered) Windows 10 box running NOT as a service. (Is that called “client mode”?)

I can also confirm that a page refresh (without the XSRF error) resolves any GUI oddities. I believe it was mentioned elsewhere but I think clicking “OK” on the XSRF error message should automatically reload the page.


I have just had this happen. It’s happened a couple of times before. Screenshot attached.


I don’t see any “beta” or “canary” text under the Duplicati icon in the upper left of the screenshot…what version are you running?

In my experience this happens more frequently when the GUI is opened with the browser (as in the tab was open when I closed the browser, so it opens again as soon as I restart the browser) and on my lower end (5+ year old) machines.


Installer was duplicati- which is also what About reports. I think you don’t see the word Beta because it is gray, and the dialog box greys out the background to the same shade of gray!

I opened it with right click on the tray icon, and “open”.

This is in Chrome 61, on an up-to-date Windows 10.


D’Oh! That makes sense. :slight_smile:

The XSRF issue was address in the code just after your version, but it is still canary (not even beta) so I understand if you don’t want to update to it. For the record, the error is just GUI related and refreshing the browser window (ctrl-r or F5) should “make it go away”.


Yes, thanks. It’s not a problem, just letting you know.


Yes. As @JonMikelV mentioned, refreshing the page makes it go away. That doesn’t fix the problem but at least the errors go away. This is related to Missing XSRF Token · Issue #2699 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub.


This resolved the XSRF error and the issues I had of no options to set up new backup jobs. I am running a Windows 10 PC.


I’m still seeing this problem in I thought this was supposed to have been resolved so I thought I should let you know…


I see it as well for the latest stable version on Win10. No under-power issue here either. When this error shows up, I can click ok and everything “appears” to be ok, but if you try to edit a backup, you’ll find that the source is empty and can’t be browsed, and drop-down menus don’t work. You have to refresh the tab. I can’t see a pattern for how long it takes to re-appear, but everything will seem to work fine until you close it for some indeterminate time.


Yes, I believe, currently, the only way to get rid of that error is to use the experimental version (until 3 January, you even had to go to canary, but that is no longer necessary).


I still see it on


I’ve been seeing consistent XSRF Token errors when connecting to a remote Duplicati instance using SSH Port tunnelling.

Just thought I shoudl mention it because the usual F5 didnt clear it.

Remote instance is Duplicati -



Thanks for the input.

We know had issues with the XSRF error even when used locally (which is why that part of the code was rewritten in later canary / experimental versions) but I’m not sure why F5 isn’t clearing it for you. If you’re using Chrome, try Ctrl-F5.

If you update to a newer version (canary, experimental, beta, etc.) and still get it, please come back and let us know.


A refresh of the page definitely clears it for me, but is it supposed to be fixed?

I’m on


That version has the bug. It was supposedly fixed in a later release. But I still see it (perhaps less often) on