Microsd as a backup destination drive

My mega.nz destination backup jobs don’t work anymore, so I have to think of another destination type. How much intensive is a backup job for the destination drive? Because I came up with the idea to use the microsd inside my mobile phone.
Thank you.

If you’re worried about write wear, look at BytesUploaded.in Complete log of a few backup runs.
It basically writes source file changes, plus an occasional compact to reclaim now-wasted space.

Thank you for your hint. I didn’t know about such parameter. So I checked it for my backup jobs and I noticed that for my user data backup (c:\users\myname) it is very large due to the *.sqlite files in duplicati folder, so I have excluded them from the backup job.
I suppose that in case of restore they aren’t strictly necessary. Am I right?

Yes. Not strictly necessary, and the job database can be very dynamic, so amount of upload may be high.

“IF” you have one backup, and it backs up the *.sqlite files, the larger one is almost pointless because it’s describing the backup in progress so is instantly obsolete. You can back it up in a second job, but usually people just use database Recreate if a disaster happens and they need that particular job database back.

The smaller Duplicati-server.sqlite is mostly configuration data and stats, but hopefully you are running an Export occasionally so that you have the job configuration in case you have a disaster, and need to import.