Metadata was reported as not changed, but still requires being added?

Does anybody disagree with flagging mr-fibble’s update post as the solution for this topic?

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I’m attempting to run a test backup to confirm whether the latest canary takes care of this issue (which i’ve been getting also on my main PC backups lately) - but is it expected that backup runs under this new version will take 10x longer? Previously my backup runs on my main B2 backup job were taking ~6 minutes, and the current run is still going after well over a half hour or so.

Edit to add: Profiling log indicates that perhaps every single file Duplicati considers for the backup set is being checked over, with log entries for most saying “Skipped checking file, because no metadata was updated…”

Edit2: The job I started manually finally finished after I went to bed, and the same job ran again via my scheduled overnight job. In both cases they took right around 1 hour, 8 minutes (with nothing much added or changed). The same job had been taking about 6 minutes before. But the ‘Metadata…’ error is gone i guess, so yay?

Did resolve the speed issue but keep the metadata fix?

Yup, it seems to have done the trick.