error when check connection

If i try to define a backup destination I get error when click on “check connection” that says: Failed to connect: API response: ResourceExpired
In Duplicati log appears message:
Request for http://localhost:8200/api/v1/remoteoperation/test gave error
CG.Web.MegaApiClient.ApiException: API response: ResourceExpired
en CG.Web.MegaApiClient.MegaApiClient.RequestCore[TResponse](RequestBase request, Byte key)
en CG.Web.MegaApiClient.MegaApiClient.Request[TResponse](RequestBase request, Byte key)
en CG.Web.MegaApiClient.MegaApiClient.Login(AuthInfos authInfos)
en CG.Web.MegaApiClient.MegaApiClient.Login(String email, String password)
en Duplicati.Library.Backend.Mega.MegaBackend.get_Client()
en Duplicati.Library.Backend.Mega.MegaBackend.GetCurrentFolder(Boolean autocreate)
en Duplicati.Library.Backend.Mega.MegaBackend.List()
en Duplicati.Library.Interface.BackendExtensions.TestList(IBackend backend)
en Duplicati.Server.WebServer.RESTMethods.RemoteOperation.TestConnection(String url, RequestInfo info)
en Duplicati.Server.WebServer.RESTHandler.DoProcess(RequestInfo info, String method, String module, String key)

I’ve tried with another provider (microsft onedrive) and it works.
Funny thing is that I,ve defined a few weeks ago a copy to with Duplicati on another computer and it’s working perfectly.
¿Do you know what’s the problem?


Same issue here. Apparently, mega has changed their authentication method. Coders from MegaApiClient (the library that is used by Duplicati) are working to solve this issue. I think when library is fixed, Duplicati update the library version in his code and we will need to update our installed Duplicati version.
Check this: API response: ResourceExpired · Issue #110 · gpailler/MegaApiClient · GitHub

That’s odd - I’m not seeing a drop in backups in

Old Mega accounts still working. It’s only happening with new accounts

Thanks for the clarification - tagging @kenkendk so he’s aware this might be coming.

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Is there some kind of patch or workaround available? I’ve opened also a new mega account an have the same problem now.

Has anyone asked Mega (or found) if this is configurable at their end, either through user controls or support?

It appears from the notes at the @dhernandez link above like a fixed library is available here in 1.7.0 but is not yet in a Duplicati beta (and unfortunately beta releases are not done frequently). Possibly it could get in canary, however I’m still wondering if Mega provides any escape for new accounts on software that lacks v2 support. Even before canary, someone probably should grab the library, extract MegaApiClient.dll, and test with it in their Duplicati Program Files folder to see if it works and helps. After that, maybe a GitHub issue for an update similar to Update MegaApiClient to reduce CPU usage #3385. If you’d rather wait awhile, there’s another upgrade from the same author in the pipeline that might push past 1.7.0 when lib group releases it:

any news regarding backups?

IMHO, Mega isn’t a good choice for use with Duplicati. We had a lot of problems with connections, Mega block our account (old account that was working) and they didn’t notify us. When we send an e-mail to support, they answered: “It looks like you are using some kind of third-party tool. Please note that these tools are insecure and do not fully implement our cryptographic protocols, therefore if you cannot access your account, that could be the reason”. Finally they told us that they don’t recommend using Mega with third-party tools.
In addition, backups are much slower than with other services. I think because of Mega encryption/decryption process.
We now use B2 Storage.

I use Mega with some accounts and duplicati since over a year without any problems.

Again 2 months later. Question again: Anything planed in Duplicati to promote “new” mega-accounts?

Or does someone know a workaround to get a new mega-account running with Duplicati?

Could someone with Mega please try this and this from above? Second part is a bit technical, but might be your “workaround”. Filing an issue will be good for tracking (and maybe planning) regardless, and if it turns out that only a library update is required, these seem historically to be picked up and done relatively quickly.

I’d note, though, that Mega seems not too happy about Duplicati using it this way via a third-party library, so Amazon Cloud Drive discontinued (which will hit Duplicati soon) could someday hit certain uses of Mega…